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  "Reduction of Temperatures by 8-13 degrees celsius"

The Ultralast ecoating System is a new variant, developed for Australian conditions, of the revolutionary "B formula" technology originally invented in South Africa. Exhaustive quality tests have been complemented in the renowned laboratories of the UK Paint Research Association. Even the Swiss Environmental Institute, one of the world's most stringent adjudicators of environmental excellence, accepted Ultralast for tax-free status - the only coating product in the world ever to achieve this distinction. Switzerland, arguably the world's most progressive and environmentally sensitive Government, provides tax-free status for environmentally friendly products of all kinds. Ultralast paint is not sold there yet, but classification and listing were sought as a formal universal certification of quality. News of the quality of Ultralast Eoating system has quickly spread among architects, developers, builders and painting professionals (see: Testimonials).