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Ultralast interesting facts

Interesting fact No1

The inventor of Ultralast performed an amazing demonstration of the non-toxic nature of our ecoating at a paint convention in Singapore in 1995.

He painted the interior of a shoe box with Ultralast and allowed it to dry. He then filled it with water and placed two goldfish inside.

Delegates to the conference were convinced the fish would die, due to toxins that would be expected to leach into the water from traditional paint. But such was the strength of our waterproof bond created by Ultralast that not only did the shoebox not leak, the fish were alive and well the next morning - demonstrating the true eco-safe nature of our paint.

Interesting fact No2

Ever wondered what causes some cave paintings to retain the vivid colours in which they were first created hundreds - sometimes thousands - of years ago?

The ancient world's most advanced civilisations - the Chinese, Greeks and Romans - all used similar silica-based formulations for colouring their ancient worlds. The colours endure, yet these artisans had no access to today's chemicals or sophisticated manufacturing technology.

Interesting fact No3

Switzerland, arguably the world's most progressive and environmentally sensitive Government, provides tax-free status for environmentally friendly products of all kinds. Ultralast paint is not sold there yet, but classification and listing were sought and gained as a formal universal certification of quality.

Interesting fact No4

The curse of renovating is rising damp. A painted surface can hide a multitude of sins. Over time, problems can literally rise to the surface.

But Ultralast protects the surface structure because it allows moisture, in the form of water vapour, to escape without affecting the cosmetic appearance of the coated surface.

Interesting fact No5

The substrate structure of the Icebergs pool is almost 100 years old. The relentless waves pounding the structure puts pressure up through the rock surface and onto the cement structure of the pool itself, from beneath which causes extensive cracking.

However because Ultralast's unique strong membrane is flexible, it can withstand the pressure and so the pool itself remains sparkling and pristine in appearance for years longer than before - when it was treated with inferior paints.

Interesting fact No6

In old days, miners always made sure they had a canary with them in their coal mine... not just for its birdsong, but because its sensitive physiology would react to airborne toxins long before the miners were able to detect them by smell.

Similarly, because of the high levels of Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) in conventional paints, if you stand a canary in a just painted room, it will die. But a canary in a room just painted with Ultralast will remain chirpy all day and all night... because there's no odour and no airborne chemicals to cause them any harm.