Ultra-Concrete Seal
Ultra-Concrete Seal is a highly acrylic water bond, low viscosity, and penetrating primer or undercoat. It reacts with substrates to ensure better adhesion with excellent impact resistant properties on all surfaces. Ultra- Concrete Sealer is suitable for application over old and new concrete, slates, bricks, plaster and roof tiles. Advantages of the product include:
Deep penetration.
Fast drying, excellent water resistance property.
Waterproofing properties.
High fire and heat resistance.
Reduce rapid evaporation. Concrete cures uniformly.
Non-toxic and odourless.
Corrosion resistance.
Fungus and chemical substance resistance, e.g. acid, alkaline, etc.
Protects surface against efflorescence.
Ultraviolet, heat and stain resistant.
Does not change colour with age.
Good adhesion and flexibility.
Re-sealable, can be re-sealed without removing first coat.
Technical specifications
Storage conditions
Room (moderate) temperature, tightly closed (sealed)
Colour (wet)
Solid (%) by volume
Semi sheen
Water resistance
Spreading rate
10 to 15 m2 per litre at dried film thickness of 18 microns depending on the substrate
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