Ultra-Thatch is a water bond acrylic membrane that is formulated in a variety of colours and provides sealing and fire retardant qualities. Ultra-Thatch is used to delay the normal thatch or brush fencing rotting process and subsequently lengthens the life of the roof or fence. It also keeps the thatch sturdy and prevents birds from pulling out thatch. If sprayed on the inside it prevents dust rains in the house. Ultra-Thatch waterproofs the roof, which will reduce the weight of the roof. It also eliminates the required frequent brushing and re-thatching of roofs. Additional advantages include:
Ultraviolet and stain resistant.
Does not turn yellowish with age.
Good adhesion and flexibility.
Non-toxic and odour free.
Technical specifications
Keep containers well sealed at moderate temperatures.
Clean up
Clean all equipment thoroughly with water immediately after use.
Antique, New Thatch, Camouflage, Natural or in desirable colour
Solids (% by volume)
70% ± 1-2%
Spreading rate
650 - 1000 ml/m2
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