Ultra-Varnish is a water bond acrylic, electrometric membrane that is formulated as a clear product and which provides superb sealing qualities. It penetrates deep into the surface and reduces oil, grease, acids, and alkalis seeping into the surface and causing deterioration. The acrylic resin enables it to bridge hair line and minor cracks within the substrate. It also keeps dust down and forms a durable waterproofed surface, which is chemical and abrasion resistant. Ultra-Varnish is used alone as waterproofing coating where the natural colour is to be preserved, such as face brick, wooden doors and window frames, roof tiles, stones, etc. Furthermore, it could also be used as reinforcement to fibreglass to gain maximum benefit. Additional advantages include:
Protects surface against efflorescence.
Ultraviolet, heat and stain resistant.
Does not turn yellowish with age.
Good adhesion and flexibility.
Non-toxic and odour free.
Technical specifications
Keep containers well sealed at moderate temperatures.
Clean up
Clean all equipment thoroughly with water immediately after use.
Wet - Milky colour. Dry - Transparent or colour of choice
Solids (% by volume)
51% - 1%
Spreading rate
10 - 15 m2 per litre (1 coat depending on substrate)
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