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What is Ultralast

  • Ultralast is the world's first true environmentally safe paint. It is called an ECOATINGTM because it's more kind to the environment than any paint-it's entirely NON-TOXIC, with ZERO Hazardous Air Pollutants, (HAPS), low to zero VOC Levels that sit well below the requirements of the Australian Ecolabel Program. The products also meet and surpass current European and ASTM regulations on VOC levels and toxins.
  • Ultralast has a solution for any surface that requires coating (protective and/or decorative).
  • It is a fire retardant, with Zero Toxicity.
  • It is Virtually odour-free
  • Non-Toxic
  • Repels moisture, mould and mildew
  • Does not blister, crack, bleach or fade
  • Has insulating properties
  • Ultralast continues to look good and out-performs conventional paints.
  • It is the strongest yet most flexible paint ever made.
  • That's why it's guaranteed for up to 25 Years.

Why is Ultralast different

Here's how Ultralast works.
1). The special sealer locks into the surface substrate and bonds with the ECOATINGTM.
2). The resulting membrane allows small amounts of moisture (in the form of water vapour) to escape to the surface while
3). Preventing exterior moisture penetrating the painted surface.
4). This creates a superb seal to weatherproof the coated surface which will last for a very long time.
Conventional paints are porous (ie, they soak into the painted surface), but Ultralast is membranous. The special sealer locks deep into the surface substrate, then the ECOATINGTM layer creates an extraordinarily strong surface bond with it, to produce a membrane - flexible, yet with a unique toughness not seen in conventional paints - that anchors into the painted surface and holds it together.

Conventional paints are a toxic cocktail. In manufacturing, they go through up to 23 separate chemical processes to produce the end product. Many of these chemical processes are designed to neutralise the side-effects of other component chemicals.

Ultralast and NO VOCs

There is a perception that low-voc paints do not perform as well as conventional paints.
The truth is they don't, the majority have poor;
  • Adhesion
  • Opacity
  • UV Stability
  • Impact/Scrub Resistance
  • Slow drying time
Ultralast is an exception!
Some of our existing clients include:
  • Adelaide Gaols
  • Police Stations (including holding cells)
  • Metropolitan Fire Stations
  • RAAF Base
  • Local pubs and clubs
  • Adelaide ZOO
  • Aquatic Centres

Ultralast application examples

Paving paint - After 5 months of a leading brand After 18 months with Ultralast NuPave
Concrete Seal on Stairs Concrete Seal on Stairs with Ultralast
Paving paint - After 5 months of a leading brand After 18 months with Ultralast NuPave
Concrete Seal on Stairs Concrete Seal on Stairs with Ultralast
Hamam Baths - Greece (Before Ultralast) Hamam Baths - Greece (After Ultralast Ultra-Coat)
Hamam Baths - Greece Hamam Baths - Greece (After Ultralast)
Timber with Ultra-Clear UV
Timber frame stained with Ultralast
Industrial - Ultralast MetalTreat
Industrial bridge treated with Ultralast Metal Treat
Ultralast is an All Australian Manufacturer