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GreenGuard P/L guarantees for a period of 30 years from the date recorded in this document the performance of the product against any Subterranean Termite, Borer or Fungi infestation to the treated areas as described in the Termicoat™ Home Owner Acknowledgement of Termite Protection System..

This product warranty is effective only for Termicoat™ treated surfaces and only if the service has been carried out in accordance with the procedures as detailed in the manufacturer's application manual by a duly registered Termicoat™ Applicator, registered with the authorised distributor, Ultralast Australia Pty Ltd and only if damage occurs as a result of the failure of the product.

This warranty does not guarantee against Subterranean Termite, borer or fungi attack to untreated materials such as, but not limited to, untreated timber or masonry surfaces, fitting out timbers, furniture, electrical wiring, outside pergolas or separate detached dwellings. This warranty does not guarantee any surfaces that have been pre-painted, varnished or any other surface treatment applied prior to the application of the Termicoat™ product. Nor does it cover any surface or structure that has suffered previous termite, borer or fungi damage.

This warranty does not cover any future alterations, restoration, repairs or renovations carried out on the property where Termicoat™ product has not been applied to such alterations and the warranty should be read in conjunction with the Terms and Conditions as found on the reverse of the Home Owner Acknowledgement of the Termite Protection System and as found on the Ultralast website,

Storing or allowing the accumulation of termite attracting materials such as, but not limited to, firewood, timber, old furniture to accumulate against the dwelling where Termicoat™ has been applied may void your warranty.

The liability of the product shall be limited to a maximum of AUD$100,000.00 in respect to any one claim and all rights of GreenGuard Pty Ltd are reserved. In the event of a claim, GreenGuard Pty Ltd reserves the right to nominate and appoint its own licensed builder.

Any and all representations and warranties expressed or implied to, whether arising by virtue of statute or otherwise implied are excluded as stated in this warranty.

This warranty is governed by the laws applicable in NSW.

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