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The non-hazardous, life-long solution to termites and borers - that works!

Quick Product Overview
  • Non-biodegradable - TermiCoat lasts the life of the timber or concrete once applied.
  • Non solvent based. Key Ingredient is Water borne Borate (possessing the same level of toxicity as table salt)
  • No obnoxious odours. Non-hazardous for waterways.
  • Product can be safely sprayed in the presence of warm blooded creatures, humans, bird life, plant and marine life.
  • Penetrates timber in time to a depth of up to 100mm in all directions and concrete to a depth of 5-10mm depending on density of aggregate present.
  • Fire retardant class of 1- (untreated raw timber in its natural state is class 5)
  • Can be used for both Pre-treatment and Remedial purposes. Will protect new timber and kill existing nest colonies.

What TermiCoat is.
It is an emulsion of a combination of Borates immersed in a colourless and near odourless liquid carrier which is used to carry the product deep into timber. Timber recognises TermiCoat as a type of 'artificial sap' and penetrates into the heart of the timber it is NOT an envelope of product around timber. TermiCoat also renders your treated timber fire retardant!
What TermiCoat isn't.
It isn't a pesticide nor is it classified as an insecticide. TermiCoat is a wood preservative and is NOT biodegradable, therefore it will protect timber, concrete and masonry where applied from fungal growth, fire, borer and termite attack and wood rot for the life of the substrate.
Unlike pesticides, TermiCoat does NOT need reapplication into new framework, slabs and footings once initially applied by trained Applicators.
Environmental Impact.
TermiCoat is non-toxic to humans and all warm blooded creatures and bird life and will not poison crustacean or fish life when used around a marine environment. Made from Borates, this naturally occurring mineral is one of 109 elements that make up planet Earth.
Scientific Validation
  • Approved and tested by the Australian Wool Testing Authority, (AWTA) as a fire retardant complying with Australian Standards AS/NZs 1530.3-1999.
  • AQIS- tested for successful killing and controlling of timber related fungi.
  • Department of Primary Industries, (DPI)- Qld Forestry Research Institute tested for outstanding penetration into timber.
  • Borate has been successfully CSIRO tested for efficacy against termites, borers, wood -rot (fungi).
  • 30 year product warranty (see website for details). Consumer Validation
Past Applications
  • Australian Natural Museum- Red Panda enclosure and Veterinary division, Taronga Zoo, NSW
  • Darlinghurst Supreme Court complex, NSW
  • Department of Housing
  • Department of Defence
  • Queensland Rail- Timber Sleeper treatment
  • Read more »
Application Methods
  • Product can be safely sprayed, brushed or rolled onto concrete or timber, even whilst building is inhabited.
  • Can be applied in all weather conditions, wind, heat, cold but not if substrate has been wet previously- if so allow substrate to dry for 12-16 hours before application. Once applied there is no withholding period & future rain will not cause the product to leech from the substrate.
  • Can be applied as a pre-treatment or as a remedial treatment.
  • Can be applied to garden mulch for fire retardant purposes.
Termicoat is an "Approved Applicator applied only" product and is NOT available as an "over the counter" product.
For DIY applications please refer to our TimberSafe product

Please contact Ultralast for details.
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